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...founded to promote the mental, moral and
physical development of young Americans.


1. Required time in previous grade:

  • Six months as a sergeant

2. Citizenship:

  • Be able to discuss the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution

  • Know what the amendments are

3. Leadership

  • Prepare and conduct an instruction period on leadership

4. Physical Fitness

  • Pass the PFT with a score of 250 points or more

  • Swim a minimum of 100 yards

5. School

  • Have a solid 2.0 average

  • Know what a scholarship is and prepare a talk on college scholarships for your unit

  • Be a member of a group or team (school or extra curicular)

6. Home and Outside Activities

  • Perform extra household duties without being asked

7. Personal Habits:

  • Demonstrate proper social skills

8. Close order drill:

  • Be able to drill and instruct a platoon

9. Other subjects:

  • Be proficient in map and compass

  • Be able to pass the map and compass exam

  • Be able to pass the wilderness skills exam

10. Must have passed twelfth birthday

Rules and regulations taken from The Young Marines Guidebook