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...founded to promote the mental, moral and
physical development of young Americans.


1. Required time in previous grade:

  • Six months as a Staff Sergeant

2. Citizenship:

  • When given a map be able to locate any state immediately

  • Prepare a 15 minute talk on American history prior to the Civil War

3. Leadership:

  • Be able to prepare a class on leadership requirements for promotion to the ranks of Sergeant and Staff Sergeant

4. Physical Fitness:

  • Pass the PFT with a score of 250 points or more

  • Swim a minimum of 100 yards

5. School:

  • Have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher

6. Home and Outside Activities:

  • Participate in some community activities

7. Personal Habits:

  • Demonstrate formal etiquette

8. Close order drill:

  • Be able to drill, command and instruct a company

9. Other subjects:

  • Be excellent in map and compass.

  • Be able to achieve a score of 100%
    on the map and compass exam.

  • Be able to achieve a score of 100% on the wilderness skills exam

Rules and regulations taken from The Young Marines Guidebook