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...founded to promote the mental, moral and
physical development of young Americans.



  • Define dysentery.

  • Key elements in choosing a site for camping?

  • Most serious type of bleeding?

  • First USMC commandant?

  • What organization sponsors the Young?

  • How do you address adults?

  • Highest YM award?

  • Inches in a normal step?

  • Current USMC commandant?

  • Command to vacate area?

  • Angle of arm saluting?

  • Mm distance for saluting?

  • Define “as you were”?

  • Define “Tueffel Hunde?”

  • Where is Young Marine’s name marked on his cover?

  • Distance of feet when at parade rest?

  • Scene depicted on Young Marine shoulder patch?

  • How many types of life saving awards for Youth?

  • Who received Manialuke sword at Tripoli?

  • Name ribbon received at bootcanip graduation?

  • When marching to which direction do you dress?

  • How many steps per minute in quick time?

  • What does each rank do in open ranks march?

  • Who is the “grand old man of the Marine Corps?”

  • What do you do when you hear the USMC Hymn?

  • When to apply a tourniquet?

  • 3 first aid steps.

  • Date of Pearl Harbor attack?

  • Where was first Young Marine Unit?

  • Capital of the US?

  • Fall in at what position?

  • How many steps in double time?

  • Length of backstep and halfstep?

  • What is the interval during PT?

  • Why do you salute?

  • Time of evening colors?

  • What is the Marine Corps Motto?

  • Define “esprit de corps?”

  • Score needed to earn the PET award?

  • Chest patch is how far above pocket?

  • What are two types of drill commands?

  • How long to boil water for purifying?

  • Who is Samuel Nicholas?

  • Angle of feet at position of attention?

  • What does black signify on a map?

  • Number of degrees on a compass?

  • Where does the compass arrow point?

  • USMC colors?

  • Eleven general orders?

  • Officer rank structure?

  • Enlisted rank structure?


  • Young Marine Obligation.

  • Young Marine Hymn.

  • Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Marine Corps Hymn.

Rules and regulations taken from The Young Marines Guidebook