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...founded to promote the mental, moral and
physical development of young Americans.


  • How do you wear stars on ribbons?

  • What does Silver star signifies?

  • Main part of a lesson plan

  • Purpose of a training outline?

  • Define fracture

  • Define National Ensign

  • When do you use a tourniquet?

  • Most serious heat injury

  • Depth of close order drill

  • Year USMC emblem adopted

  • Foot for command of executiOn

  • In what view are most maps?

  • Where was USMC born?

  • Where was Boxer Rebellion?

  • Where USMC earned blood stripe?

  • Define map scale 1:50,000

  • Color of contour lines on map

  • Define esprit de corps

  • What is The President’s Own?

  • Is discipline instilled?

  • Importance of mission?

  • A standard grid square is equals to what?

  • Is loyalty one way or two way?

  • Battle where USMC earned name “devil dogs?”

  • Ship sunk to start Spanish-American War?

  • Where Marines first went ashore in Viet Nam?

  • First Marine offensive battle of WW II?

  • Explain how to read grid coordinates on a map

  • Explain how to compute a back azimuth

  • Who is responsible for the guard?

  • What are map elevations compared to?

  • To whom does the CPL of the guard report to?

  • What does the CPL of the Guard do?

  • What flag can fly above the American flag?

  • Basic rule for praise and reprimand

  • Where you should and should not pitch tents?

  • First thing you do at a campsite

  • Direction of head and eyes during dress right dress

  • How long does it take to earn a good conduct award?

  • What award for attending 100% of YM meetings?

  • Do you raise colors fast or slow at morning colors?

  • What is the foot for command of execution in “To the rear march?”

  • What is the length of a half step, back step, side step?

  • Command where you step off with your right foot?

Rules and regulations taken from The Young Marines Guidebook